Adidas Finale Wembley

Adidas Finale Wembley is official final match ball of Champions League 2010/2011

Adidas Finale Wembley 2011 it's name of official final match ball of UEFA Champions League 2010/2011 in London.

The ball is one of the lightest match footballs on the market, this Adidas Champions League Finale match ball use the newest technologies to offer exclusive weight, balance and shape preservation in different weather conditions.

For the Adidas Finale Wembley 2011 use unique star-shaped panels honor the Champions League and it create a seamless surface for fabulous flight. Thermally-bonded polyurethane with PCS texture for more power, swerve and control. Latex bladder for excellent elasticity. Power Balance Technology and valve counterbalance lets the ball fly straight and predictably.

Adidas Finale Wembley official final match ball - video: