Voit Alpha Silver

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Voit Alpha Silver is official match ball of Liga MX Apertura 2013

Voit Alpha Silver is name of official match ball of Mexican Liga MX Apertura 2013.

The Voit Alpha Silver ball has 4 dynamic layers of amortization Polycell for achieving impact sensitivity and leading to greater stability.

Like Voit Alpha ball its symmetry due to 28 panels (single cut in the world) that conjoined different geometric shapes (12 pentagons, 12 hexagons and 4 gripping panels) to achieve a better balance. Design with 12 different geometric shapes to balance the center of gravity. This provides greater accuracy and direction. In addition, the cover provides more durability and strength.

The Liga MX Apertura 2013 ball use STA-SYMM-4 and Camera technology "flux energy booster" which reduces distortion and retains the maximum initial shock strength.

The Voit Alpha Silver official match ball has the contrast colors make for a highly visible soccer ball.

Voit Alpha Silver official match ball video:

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