Terrestra Silverstream

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Terrestra Silverstream is official match ball of Euro Cup 2000

Terrestra Silverstream is name of official match ball of UEFA Euro Cup 2000 in Belgium and Netherlands.

The title and design of this ball were dedicated to the rivers of the host countries for which they be in debt to their well-being through trading routes and transportation of goods. "silver streams" it's nickname of these waterways which local peoples came up because they shine in the sun with silver color every day.

It was new scientific break through in balls from adidas. The outer layer was made from ergonomically crafted syntactic foam panels in long lasting polyurethane, making it softer to the touch and easier for control. Inside the ball's carcass was a layer of tightly compressed micro balloons filled with gas, which apportioned the impact of the shot (from the foot or head) equally, making it more accurate, consistent, and faster flight path.

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