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Adidas Uniforia is official match ball of Euro Cup 2020

Adidas Uniforia is name of official match ball of UEFA Euro Cup 2020.

The Euro 2020 ball is predominantly white with a garish upper graphic that combines black brush stroke prints with striping in neon blue, yellow and pink. The logos on the Adidas Uniforia ball are black.

Adidas Uniforia match ball unboxing:

The Adidas Euro Cup ball 2020 was comprehensively tested to make sure it is fit for professional football. The Euro 2020 official match ball has an excellent shape precision, flight stability, predictability after bounce and durability.

The Uniforia Euro ball 2020 is made by Adidas and feature the same panel shape and materials as the Telstar World Cup 2018 ball. It was launched in November 2019.

Adidas Uniforia official match ball review: