Puma Orbita 2

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Puma Orbita 2 is official match ball of Serie A 2023/2024

Puma Orbita 2 is name of official match ball of Italian Serie A 2023/2024 season.

The Serie A ball 2023/24 was unveiled as part of the "PLAY IT LIKE" campaign, which showcased two Puma champions, Alessandro Bastoni and Olivier Giroud. The campaign is specifically designed to inspire individuals who aspire to achieve great things and strive to become the next soccer icons.

Drawing inspiration from Italy's illustrious motorsport legacy, the Puma Serie A soccer ball 2023/24 showcases striking and impactful graphics. These visuals are translated into a distinctive arrangement of 12 large, star-shaped panels, which serve the purpose of minimizing the number of seams on the ball. This design approach enables players to establish a stronger connection with the ball during gameplay.

Serie A Orbita match ball 2023/2024 preview:

The Serie A 2023/24 football color scheme is the same as last season Puma Orbita Serie A 2022/23 ball - a white base is combined with blue and purple.

Technically the Puma Serie A 2023/2024 ball remains consistent with the previous season. The Puma Orbita 2 employs advanced technology to ensure an optimal ball performance, including maintaining its shape and reducing water absorption. This results in a firmer touch and enhanced rebound consistency. Additionally, the ball features a 1.2 mm 3D textured PU surface that improves aerodynamics and enhances resistance against abrasion and wear, thus extending its overall durability.