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Brazuca is official match ball of World Cup 2014

Brazuca is name of official match ball of FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

The name of the 2014 World Cup ball has been selected in an open vote, which was attended by more than 1 million of Brazilians. Has been proposed 3 names: Brazuca (77.5%), Carnavalesca (14.6%) and Bossa Nova (7.6%).

The internal construction of Adidas Brazuca ball is close similar to Tango 12 ball: chamber of natural rubber, then a multi-layer filler made of fabric and synthetic foam. The main difference between the models in the tire.

2014 World Cup ball production:

The Brazuca official match ball has only 6 flat parts, 12 seams and 8 joint points - but the seams do not go along the edges of the cube they go over a complex curve. This provide suitable aerodynamics and an unrivaled circular shape to the ball.

The Brazuca 2014 ball decorated with ribbons of three colors, which symbolizing the so-called bracelets desires in Brazil. According to legend, the bangle should be wrapped around the wrist and tie the knot three with making a wish on each of them. When the bracelet will tear himself fall from his hands, they believed that it's made wishes should start to come true.

Adidas Brazuca official match ball unboxing: