CAF Mitre Delta Hyperseam

CAF Mitre Delta Hyperseam is official match ball of Africa Cup 2017

CAF Mitre Delta Hyperseam it's name of official match ball of Africa Cup of Nations 2017 in Gabon.

The 2017 Africa Cup of Nations ball is produced by Mitre and features a rather pale design overall. It's white with graphic prints dominated by triangular shapes in black, orange and green.

The Africa Cup 2017 Mitre Delta Hyperseam ball have next features:

  • Latest technology Hyperseam, it's technology that fuses stitched and bonded seams to give players the benefits of both
  • Foam and rubber inter lining increases power and control
  • Zero water uptake and consistency in wet and dry conditions
  • Textured surface combined with 12 panels construction for optimum aerodynamic control

Africa Cup 2017 official match ball - release video:

Mitre Delta Innovative Hyperseam: