Nike Ordem 5

Nike Ordem 5 is official match ball of Premier League 2017/2018

Nike Ordem 5 it's name of official match ball of English Premier League season 2017/2018.

Based on the new Nike soccer ball model, the Nike Premier League 2017/18 ball is predominantly white and features a hexagonal grid. Whereas the previous Premier League ball was dominated by green, blue and purple colors for the Nike Ordem 5 soccer ball are blue, red and yellow, which contributes to an overall very bright look.

An enormous Swoosh, colored bright red with a grey outline, can be seen on the Premier League ball 2017-18, as well as iconic league logo that debuted in previous season.

The Nike Ordem 5 Premier League ball appears to be identical to its predecessor Nike Ordem 4 Premier League ball.

The Nike Ordem Premier League 2017/2018 ball will be available to buy from July 2017.

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