Nike Ordem 4 CBF

Nike Ordem 4 CBF is official match ball of Campeonato Brasileiro 2017

Nike Ordem 4 CBF it's name of official match ball of Campeonato Brasileiro 2017.

Based on the design of the Nike Ordem 4, the Nike CBF 2017 ball is white with navy, blue and green colors. The logo of the Brazilian confederation is printed on the ball, as is the year of using this ball - 2017.

The Nike Ordem 4 CBF football is the identical to European top league balls, see Nike Ordem 4 Premier League ball, Nike Ordem 4 La Liga ball, Nike Ordem 4 Serie A ball. The Campeonato Brasileiro 2017 has Aerowtrac grooves and a micro-textured casing it's made to fly perfectly.

Nike Ordem 4 CBF official match ball - release: