Molten Europa League 2018/19

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Molten Europa League 2018/19 is official match ball of Europa League 2018/2019

Molten Europa League 2018/19 is name of official match ball of UEFA Europa League 2018/2019.

The Europa League 2018/19 official match ball use the technology that is installed in the flagship model "Vantaggio 5000 Premier" in Molten's soccer ball. Molten's proprietary thermal bonding technology realizes true sphericity and ultra low water absorption, and the dimple (dent) processing of the surface suppresses the ball trajectory shake due to air resistance during flight.

With its own thermal bonding technology, it realizes a smooth, seamless ball structure impossible by hand sewing. Due to its super low water absorption performance, it rarely sucks water even in the rain, and players are more likely to demonstrate best performance.

By processing the dimple (indentation) of the Molten Europa League ball 2018/19 surface, has been reduced the air resistance during flight and suppressed the blur of the ball trajectory. As a result, the UEFA Europa League 2018/2019 ball control has further improved, enabling more accurate paths and shoots.

Molten Europa League ball 2018/19 video: