Kelme Vortexac23+

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Kelme Vortexac23+ is official final match ball of Asian Cup 2023

Kelme Vortexac23+ is name of official final match ball of AFC Asian Cup 2023 in Qatar.

The Asian Cup 2023 final ball draws inspiration from the desert sands of the host nation, Qatar, featuring a prominent gold color elegantly blended with the nation's traditional maroon hue. This combination creates a striking contrast that mirrors the competitive spirit inherent in the tournament's most exhilarating moments. The dominance of the gold color symbolizes the glory associated with reaching and competing for the prestigious AFC Asian Cup title.

The Vortexac23+ ball has undergone rigorous technical assessments to ensure it meets to the most elevated standards of performance, quality, durability and is fully prepared for use in competition.

Kelme Vortexac23+ Asian Cup 2023 final match ball preview: